In order to get your own personal price quote, call or email Party Bus Ft. Myers today with as much information as you have about your particular date of service. Our rates are kept low by factoring in different things like the day of the week that your rental will be on, the time of the year, the size of party bus or limousine that you are renting and even the type of event that you are having.

For day-time wedding rentals, we have flat-rate packages that you can call us at any time and inquire regarding. Additionally, we offer special packages that include both your wedding rental and your bachelor/bachelorette party. We have special rate packages at different types of year for common events, as well.

Try to keep in mind that when you get a price quote from Party Bus Ft. Myers, you are getting an all-inclusive rate for the block of time that you wish to rent the party bus for. In other words, there are no extra taxes to be paid, you won't be charged fuel surcharges or for additional stops and your minimal gratuity to the driver will be included. We do encourage that you tip the driver more if you feel that they did a good job but it is not something that you have to do. If a rate that we have for a given date seems high, we encourage you to shop around and ask questions as to what is included in the rates that you get from other companies. Just as with anything else, an informed party bus shopper is one that will walk away happy.

For a quick quote, let us know more about the following details regarding your trip:

Where to?

Where are you planning on going?

What size?

How many passengers are in the group?


When will you be needing service?

Are you jetsetting?

Cover all bases with our varied network.